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Getting Started

Setup Istio

Now that we have a Kubernetes cluster and Meshery, we are ready to download and deploy Istio resources.


  1. Install Istio
  2. Verify install

Optional (manual install of Istio):

  1. Download Istio resources
  2. Setup istioctl
  3. Install istio

Install Istio

Using Meshery, select Istio from the Management menu.

In the Istio management page:

  1. Type istio-system into the namespace field.

  2. Click the (+) icon on the Install card and select Latest Istio to install the latest version of Istio.

Alternative:Manual installation

Perform the below steps if the above steps doesn't work for you.

Download Istio

You will download and deploy the latest Istio resources on your Kubernetes cluster.

Note to Docker Desktop users: Please ensure your Docker VM has at least 4GiB of Memory, which is required for all services to run.

On your local machine, execute:

1curl -L | ISTIO_VERSION=1.7.3 sh -

Setting up istioctl

On a *nix system, you can setup istioctl by doing the following:

1brew install istioctl

Alternatively, change into the Istio package directory and add the istioctl client to your PATH environment variable.

1cd istio-*
2export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

Verify istioctl is available:

1istioctl version

Check if the cluster is ready for installation:

1istioctl verify-install

Install Istio

To install Istio with a demo profile, execute the below command.

1istioctl install --set profile=demo

Alternatively, with Envoy logging enabled:

1istioctl install --set profile=demo --set meshConfig.accessLogFile=/dev/stdout

Verify install

In the Istio management page:

  1. Click the (+) icon on the Validate Service Mesh Configuration card.
  2. Select Verify Installation to verify the installation of Istio.


Istio is deployed in a separate Kubernetes namespace istio-system. To check if Istio is deployed, and also, to see all the pieces that are deployed, execute the following:

1kubectl get all -n istio-system


Getting Started

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