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Layer5 Community

The open source community at Layer5 goes out of its way to welcome and encourage new contributors. We often assign newcomers an onboarding buddy, a MeshMate, to ensure that newcomers get both introduced to the projects within the community and introduced around to other individuals. We strive to help them get a foothold on a crevice of one of our initiatives, instilling and nurturing a sense of ownership, so that they feel at-home as they become a regular contributor.

We also spend a great deal of time trying to recognize and uplift contributors on the Layer5 and Meshery Twitter accounts whether "contribution" means code or any of the other various forms of being involved in the projects and community. Likewise, we try to lift up contributors' works on the Layer5, Meshery, Nighthawk, and Service Mesh Performance LinkedIn pages, too. We openly and publicly share our community meetings on YouTube.

Open source contributors come in all shapes, sizes, colors and so on. All are welcome in the Layer5 projects and community!!

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