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GitOps-infused cloud native visual designer for Kubernetes and cloud native infrastucture.
As a self-service engineering platform, Meshery enables collaborative design and operation of cloud native infrastructure.
The Meshery Remote Provider with identity and collaboration services, private catalogs, GitOps, and multi-Meshery management.

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Test and verify configuration changes in a separate environment.

Design Reviews

Discuss any design by leaving review comments or notes on a specific design. Control who has access, notify discussion participants with updates, and link from anywhere.

Visual Design

Drag-n-drop cloud native infrastructure designer to configure, model, and deploy your workloads

Performance Profiles

Share performance profiles and test results with individual users or teams.

Built-in Roles

Static - out of the box

Standard Support

Layer5 Support can help you troubleshoot issues you run into while using Meshery. Get support via the web.


User-defined Roles

Customizable roles for specific permission assignments

Authentication: LDAP

Access Meshery using your existing accounts and centrally manage repository access.

Authentication: SAML

Use an identity provider to manage the identities of Meshery users and applications.

Self-hosted Deployment

Self-hosted Meshery Cloud for on-prem appliances or self-managed cloud tenants.

Traffic Replay

Visual event replay in MeshMap

Phone Support

Layer5 Support can help you troubleshoot issues you run into while using Meshery. Get support via phone.

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