Our MeshMates

Ashis Kumar Singh
Kanishkar J
Kush Trivedi
Naveen Jain
Nikhil Ladha
Shivay Lamba
Vijay Cherukuri
Nupur Thakur

Pair with a MeshMate

Our Community Onboarding Program

The Layer5 community is growing at a tremendous rate. No matter the size, we know that connection is what makes the Layer5 community different from any other community you join. Whether it is your first Layer5 meeting or your tenth contribution, as community organizers, we want to make sure you have a great time and are able to take advantage of all of the amazing learning, contributing, and community that Layer5 has to offer. In the Layer5 mentor program, we will match you with an awesome MeshMate so you have a connection and guide from the start.

Code of Conduct

The comfort and safety of Layer5 community members is our priority. You must agree to the Code of Conduct to participate in the Layer5 community, and any violations of the Code of Conduct will be taken seriously. To report any violations please fill out this incident form.

What to Expect

The program pairs experienced Layer5 community members with community newcomers to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. There is a lot going in the Layer5 community. Projects and working groups move fast. MeshMates are committed to helping their mentees in identifying an area of the projects to engage within, working groups to join, growing their Cloud Native knowledge, and network of relationships. By connecting one-on-one, MeshMates will share tips on how to have the best community experience possible.

Meshtees are encouraged to get to know their MeshMate as soon as they are assigned (MeshMates and Mentees will be introduced in the Layer5 Slack). Help your MeshMate understand your current skills, ideal topics of learning, and areas of passion. Doing so will help them to point out various aspects of projects that you might find your first foothold.

Meeting Your MeshMate

Slack’s video chat or Google Hangouts are both available for your use as tools for getting to know one another. While getting acquainted and onboarding into the community, we suggest the following goals.

  • Get familiar with all of the projects - Spend time understanding each of the Layer5 initiatives through high level overviews available in the community drive and in discussion with your MeshMate.

  • Identify your area of interest - Use time with your MeshMate to familiarize with the architecture and technologies used in the projects. Inform your MeshMate of your current skills and what skills you would like to develop.

  • Run Meshery - Put on your user hat and walk-through all of Meshery’s features and functions as a user.

  • Build Meshery - Confirm that you have a usable development environment.

  • Contribute - Grab an open issue or suggest a new one.