Learning with Layer5

Learning together

As a community, we have put together an excellent set of learning materials and training resources to guide you through learning about cloud native infrastucture and service meshes.

You can review the complete list of learning resources or jump straight to the type of training you prefer:

These materials were created to be interactive, easy to use, and free for all.

Sharing what you've learned at a technical event

At Layer5, we participate in many different technical conferences, in international events, in online workshops, at meetups, and so on. Our engagement in these events ranges across various cloud native and open source topics and varies between speaking, hosting workshops, managing project booths, and so on. Our engagement in these events, increases awareness about our projects and the individual community members that contribute to the projects.

A member of the Layer5 community has presented at every KubeCon since its inception. Join us at the many events we host or participate in. Check out Layer5 events to for a current list of events.

Sharing what you've learned on our blog

Write down what you've learned, what you've built, and what experiences that you have had in the community. All community members are welcome to contribute to the Layer5 blog.

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