Community Roles

What are the roles held by individuals in the Layer5 community?

A leader is someone who can contribute to the Layer5 Community's growth by being accountable, participating in decision-making, and feeling responsible.

What does it take to be a leader?

Community Manager

A Community Manager is a person who has an innate drive to contribute to the community's prosperity. A community manager serves as a link between the organisation and its community, overcoming obstacles as they arise—or even before they arise!—by collaborating with other departments and the community to find solutions that benefit the entire community.

  • Moderating, engaging, and supporting community members on platforms like Slack, GitHub etc.
  • Building healthy relationships among community members.
  • Celebrating community successes, sending swag, and recognizing top contributors.
  • Regularly updating the community on the metrics performance.
  • Creating and managing new community programs.
  • Organizing meetups, events, and other engagements.
  • Coordinating with other departments—such as product, engineering, and content marketing—to support community initiatives.

Checklist before becoming a Community Manager


Roles and Responsibilities:
Layer5 MeshMates are committed to helping community members be successful contributors. MeshMates aid in identifying areas of projects to engage within, working groups to join, and helping community members grow in their open-source and cloud-native knowledge. By connecting one-on-one, MeshMates will share tips on how to have the best community experience possible.

  • Increasing awareness of the community to others
  • Helping newbies in the community get familiar with all of the projects
  • Providing necessary resources to contributors
  • Mentoring members of the community
  • Facilitate newcomers call


Maintainers are those who are responsible for managing the growth and performance of the project. They are incharge of the project's wellbeing, reviewing and merging the PR, updating the libraries and dependencies in that project, monitoring the codebase and so much more.

  • Send a reminder about meetings
  • Prepare meetings
  • Lead meetings
  • Make sure meeting minutes are kept
  • Facilitate the creation and advancement of metrics/software
  • Answer questions about the progress of Layer5 projects
  • Report on weekly community call progress on a project
  • Review issues on the repository
  • Review and merge pull requests
  • Regularly check the repository for stale content
  • Monitor issue tracker and pull requests

Checklist before becoming a Maintainer

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