LOS ANGELES, CA, Oct. 13, 2021 - ServiceMeshCon/KubeCon + CloudNativeCon: Layer5 today announced Meshery, the cloud native management plane, has been adopted by the CNCF. Offering lifecycle, configuration, and performance management, Meshery enables the confident operation of any service mesh and their workloads. Built for the world of many service meshes, Meshery interoperates with ten different service meshes embracing their differentiated features.

The Service Mesh Management Plane

“We’re on a mission to see that organizations are successful in their operation of the world’s next layer of cloud native infrastructure: service meshes”, said Layer5 founder and CEO, Lee Calcote. “Through Meshery’s management of powerful, service mesh data planes, users can expect more from their infrastructure.”

Layer5 MeshMap

"Meshery is the perfect tool for ensuring that your applications are optimally configured and performing well; it also gives you a fantastic visual insight into what can be a large amount of textual configuration.", said Nic Jackson, Principal Developer Advocate at HashiCorp.

Meshery provides:

  1. Performance Management - for workloads on and off of service meshes and inside and outside of Kubernetes clusters. .
  2. Configuration Management - with deployment of established usage patterns and analysis against configuration best practices; integration of Open Application Model.
  3. Lifecycle Management - for service mesh provisioning and workload onboarding.
  4. Intelligence Management - for dynamic configuration and deployment of WebAssembly filters for Envoy
  5. Interoperation and federation - by managing multiple service meshes concurrently.

60+ best practice deployment templates are actively being captured in the Service Mesh Patterns book, all of which will be deployable using Meshery. With 20+ service meshes available today, the service mesh landscape offers some perspective as to why Meshery supports 10 different service meshes:

  • AWS App Mesh
  • Citrix Service Mesh
  • HashiCorp Consul
  • Istio
  • Kuma
  • Linkerd
  • Network Service Mesh
  • NGINX Service Mesh
  • Open Service Mesh
  • Traefik Mesh

Meshery and Service Mesh Standards

Meshery is the canonical implementation of Service Mesh Performance (SMP) and the conformance tool of Service Mesh Interface (SMI) - two service mesh specifications both hosted by the CNCF. Meshery implements and validates these specifications so that users can confidently operate their service mesh infrastructure, knowing their service mesh upholds industry standards.

“Layer5 has been instrumental in helping us understand the patterns, best practices, and strategies in our approach to the service mesh ecosystem. Meshery has simplified the process of configuring and operating meshes. Meshery's service mesh neutrality, open source governance, and defining of industry standards like SMP, SMI, and now service mesh patterns will ensure that Meshery helps any organization adopt meshes with utmost clarity curated to their needs", said Yogi Porla, Customer Success Manager at HPE.


The Extensible Cloud Native Manager

Not just a service mesh manager, Meshery comprises a set of microservices each one fitted with extension points. Users and integrators may extend Meshery by taking advantage of designated extension points. “With one of the world’s largest enterprise information technology companies, leveraging Meshery as an extensible platform,” said said Layer5 founder and CEO Lee Calcote, “maintainers have spent a lot of time ensuring that extension points allow a variety of plugins and are available through Meshery’s architecture.”

CNCF Hosts Meshery

“Donation of Meshery to the CNCF has been the goal from the genesis of the project,” said Lee Calcote, chair of the CNCF’s Technical Advisory Group for Networking. “The community around Meshery is what has made it the success that it is.” The CNCF’s hosting of Meshery further enables existing participation of 300+ contributors from Layer5, Red Hat, VMware, HashiCorp, Cisco, Rackspace, Citrix, Instabase, Microsoft, OpenGov, Computas AS, Rill Data, Quantex, Lumina Networks, Asteria Aerospace and others.

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About Layer5

Layer5 offers cloud native application management by harnessing the unique position service meshes have in changing how developers write applications, how operators run modern infrastructure and how product owners manage their service offerings. Layer5’s MeshMap delivers the world’s only universal service mesh designer. Layer5’s leadership stewards the Network and Service Mesh groups in the CNCF.

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