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CNCF SIG Network Intro and Deep Dive

“It’s the network!” is the cry of every system administrator, every developer. With the increased prevalence of microservice-based distributed systems, it’s true - networking as a discipline has never been more critical in the efficient operation of cloud native deployments. Networking primitives, including load balancing, observability, authentication, authorization, policy, rate limiting, QoS, mesh networks, legacy infrastructure bridging, and so on are now receiving substantial development and investment throughout the industry and are the subject of focus of the CNCF Network SIG.

Service Mesh Interface Office Project Hours

Our Project Office Hours will be the Project Pavilion at 03:00pm (Central European Time) on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Project Office Hours is an opportunity for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon attendees to meet the maintainers of the projects, learn more about the project, ask questions, learn about new features and upcoming updates.

Are You Sure About Your Mesh Performance? Details matter!

Service Mesh performance characterization has been an elusive aspect of understanding the impact of mesh in production. While few studies have been published, mesh performance generally is highly influenced by runtime environment, hardware settings, test tool & methodology used to benchmark. Based on various tests performed on Envoy, this presentation aims to shed light on: -Performance characterization methodology of Envoy for deterministic throughput & latency -Gaps in benchmark tools - disconnect between L2 to L7 optimizations for load generation & features WIP to address these gaps, e.g. with Nighthawk.

- Common pitfalls in measurements - Usual culprits for lack of consistency in benchmarks - Impact of scaling Envoy on latency & hardware utilization - Share benchmark results & common bottlenecks using Envoy sandboxes - Customizing Envoy for telco grade performance with hardware offloads

MeshMap is here!

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Learn to service mesh with interactive labs

Learn how to Service Mesh

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