Piraeus Datastore

Piraeus Datastore with Meshery

Collaborative and visual infrastructure as design for Piraeus Datastore


  • Drag-n-drop cloud native infrastructure designer to configure, model, and deploy your workloads.
  • DRBD-9 has great data replication efficiency. It provides synchronous,semi-synchronous and asynchronous replication schemes, and also supports RDMA for high-speed across-node connection.
  • Supports 1/2/3 replica numbers for persistent volumes. Piraeus place the replicas intelligently across the nodes to balance the workload.


Piraeus is a cloud-native storage system that empowers Kubernetes Local Persistent Volumes with dynamic provisioning, resource management, and high-availability.

Collaboratively and visually diagram your cloud native infrastructure with GitOps-style pipeline integration. Design, test, and manage configuration your Kubernetes-based, containerized applications as a visual topology.

Looking for best practice cloud native design and deployment best practices? Choose from thousands of pre-built components in MeshMap. Choose from hundreds of ready-made design patterns by importing templates from Meshery Catalog or use our low code designer, MeshMap, to create and deploy your own cloud native infrastructure designs.

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Piraeus Datastore Components (12)

Kubernetes Orchestration and Diagramming software

Orchestrate and design Kubernetes architecture diagrams easily with predefined templates and symbols designed for professionals.

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    Extensive library of integrations
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    Infrastructure orchestration
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    Multi-player editing
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    Ready-to-use templates
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    Visual drag & drop
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    Operate with No Code

How it Works

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Better together - Piraeus Datastore with Meshery

Piraeus can run on all kinds of storage medium: RAID, SAN, NAS or EBS

It deploys and scales out automatically within Kubernetes nodes. With Piraeus, Kubernetes workloads can now consume high performance local storage using the same volume APIs that app developers have become accustomed to.

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