Single Step Installation

No faster way to start managing any service mesh than with a single step to download, install, and run Meshery:

1curl -L | PLATFORM=kubernetes bash -

Lightning fast time to cloud native management.

  • Install
  • Patterns
  • Performance
  • Install

    Meshery provides you with a clean, robust, streamlined command-line interface to manage your service meshes:

    With mesheryctl, not only you can manage your service meshes, but you can also manage their workloads, mesure their performance, verify conformance to service mesh standards. You can also apply patterns.

    mesheryctl provides support for all of Meshery's features and many platforms.

    • Homebrew
    • Kubernetes
    • KinD
    • Minikube
    • AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service
    • Meshery Helm Chart
    • WSL2
    • GKE
    • Docker
  • Patterns

    Meshery supports cloud native application patterns using a mesh-agnostic and application-holistic approach: patternfiles.

    Patternfiles stems from multiple open needs, one of which is the desire to define a common practice of both configuring and operating service mesh functionality in a single, universal file.

    With a patternfile, you can capture service mesh behavior in a single file. You can access service mesh-specific differentiation while keeping your patterns short and simple.

    • Open Application Model
    • Image Hub
  • Performance

    Meshery provides service mesh and application performance measurement and management.

    Meshery natively supports the Service Mesh Performance (SMP) specification.

    Use performance test profiles to schedule and continuously verify your service mesh is performing in accordance with your SLOs.

    • Service Mesh Performance
curl -L | PLATFORM=kubernetes bash -
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