Kong API Gateway

Kong API Gateway with Meshery

Collaborative and visual infrastructure as code for Kong API Gateway


  • Advanced routing, load balancing, health checking - all configurable via a RESTful admin API or declarative configuration.
  • Authentication and authorization for APIs using methods like JWT, basic auth, OAuth, ACLs and more.
  • Sophisticated deployment models like Declarative Databaseless Deployment and Hybrid Deployment (control plane/data plane separation) without any vendor lock-in.


Kong API Gateway is a cloud-native, platform-agnostic, scalable API Gateway distinguished for its high performance and extensibility via plugins.

By providing functionality for proxying, routing, load balancing, health checking, authentication (and more), Kong serves as the central layer for orchestrating microservices or conventional API traffic with ease.

Kong runs natively on Kubernetes thanks to its official Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

How it Works

See It in Action

Better together - Kong API Gateway with Meshery

Collaborative Infrastructure as Code

Collaboratively manage infrastructure with your coworkers synchronously sharing the same designs.

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