If you work with container technology and cloud platforms, it is nearly impossible to not have heard of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The CNCF organization promotes innovations in accessible container technology by supporting open-source, vendor-neutral projects in the cloud-native ecosystem. Its first, and perhaps most famous, project was the container orchestration platform Kubernetes, which has continued to lead and shape the industry. Since then, CNCF has continued to develop open-source tools, standards, and resources that have formed the core of the cloud strategy of hundreds of organizations around the globe.

The CNCF’s technical oversight committee (TOC) meets regularly to vote to decide which projects are accepted into the foundation. Projects are ranked according to three maturity levels: Sandbox, Incubating, and Graduated — listed in increasing order of maturity. The criteria for each maturity level depends on adoption by end users, quality of end products, and adherence to standards for security, governance, committers, and infrastructure. Sandbox projects are usually projects in the early stages of development that show promise. I’ve gathered some of the rising Sandbox projects added by the CNCF in 2021 for you, so that you can take a look at the tools that are driving the future of cloud native technology.

8. Meshery

Meshery was created by Layer5 and joined the ranks of the CNCF in October 2021 as the cloud native mananagement plane. As a self-service engineering platform, Meshery enables collaborative design and operation of cloud native infrastructure.

Meshery gives you a plane to set up, deploy, and benchmark several configuration options available on the market. With Meshery, you can apply custom configurations based on industry best practices to your infrastructure and monitor its performance.

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