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Gopi Vaibhav
Gopi Vaibhav
Lucknow, India
I am a Final year CSE student from IIIT Lucknow. I am an experienced MERN Stack Developer with a solid background in Python web frameworks, notably Django. My journey in the tech world has led me to actively contribute to prominent open-source projects like Layer5 and Oppia, through which I started learning to use Golang, Gatsby, GraphQL, Docker, k8s, etc. Aside from coding, I am a passionate student who is continuously pursuing new hobbies, such as trying new video games and participating in outdoor activities. I am constantly open to new and intriguing possibilities and look forward to meeting like-minded professionals. If you have a passion for web development, open-source contributions, or technology in general, let's connect and discuss how we might collaborate to create extraordinary digital solutions! πŸš€

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