Join Layer5 at ServiceMeshCon Europe 2022. ServiceMeshCon is a vendor-neutral conference on service mesh technologies. Topics include getting started with and adopting a mesh, lessons learned from production deployments, and technical sessions from service mesh maintainers.

MeshMark: Service Mesh Value Measurement

Still trying to understand how to best gauge the performance of your cloud native infrastructure? Confused as to whether self-published, performance benchmarks are trustworthy or simply biased marketing in disguise? Measurement data may not provide a clear and simple picture of how well those applications are performing from a business point of view, a characteristic desired in metrics that are used as key performance indicators. Behold MeshMark: a performance index that provides you with the ability to weigh the value vs overhead of your cloud native environment. Convert performance measurements into insights about the value of individual, cloud native application networking functions. Join us as we distill a variety of microarchitecture performance signals and application key performance indicators into a simple scale. Explore the other side of the performance measurement coin: value measurement.

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Read the recap blog post and find out more about MeshMark.

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