MeshMates: A New Way of Expanding Open Source Community Mentorship

A lot of young developers especially college students who want to contribute to open source projects feel intimidated by the lack of experience and the size of the code. For a beginner, open source projects codebase can be intimidating at first. Traditionally they may contact community members or mentors to help them understand but it is not always the most effective solution.

Therefore Layer5 ( a CNCF member company) introduced a program called Meshmates. MeshMates who are members part of the Layer5 community, provide one to one mentorship to new joiners in the community, from helping them identifying areas of projects to engage within, working groups to join, and in helping community members grow in their open source and cloud native knowledge.

What makes the MeshMate program really successful is the 1 to 1 personalized mentorship with the aim to make new joiners comfortable with opens source and mentoring them to get their first open source commit! Thus making MeshMate one of the most engaging and amazing community experience possible.

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