Join Layer5 at the inaugural Istio conference on Monday, Feb. 22nd to Friday, Feb. 26th. IstioCon is a 100% virtual event that is designed to connect community members across the globe with Istio and the Istio ecosystem.

Layer5 will kickoff the event with our renowned service mesh workshop, featuring Meshery, the service mesh manager. Attend our workshop to help you get started with managing your own service mesh!

Using Istio

As the third phase in your microservices journey, service meshes provide a substrate of secure connectivity, uniform visibility and granular control over service requests. Service meshes have quickly entered the cloud native landscape filling unmet service-level needs. Organizations that have adopted containers and who are running a handful or more of microservices find tools to provide observability, control and security lacking. Operating at layer 5, service meshes promise much value. This live training walks you through a series of hands-on labs, introducing you to each and every aspect of the popular service mesh - Istio. During this workshop you will gain hands-on experience as we walk through deploying Istio alongside microservices running in Kubernetes.

You will learn to:
  • Configure and operate Istio in context of an example workloads and their common use cases
  • Manage traffic through load balancing and resilient communications
  • Enforce policies and rate limiting
  • Be confident with ongoing management of Istio
  • Understand WebAssembly filters for Envoy and deploy a custom filter

Workshop Labs

See link for self-paced study.

Workshop Slides

Workshop Recording

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Learn Meshery with interactive labs

Learn how to configure Kubernetes

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