Join Layer5 in-person at Docker Community Meetup - Bengaluru as we share on the Meshery Docker Extension and how you can manage your cloud native applications using it.

Take the Blinders off with Meshery Docker Extension

Managing cloud native infrastructure becomes a nightmare with hundreds of distributed systems. Vectors like performance, and metrics are game changers but not precisely interpreted. Meshery Docker Extension is here to empower engineers so they can extract more value from their infrastructure.

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to basic concepts, architecture diagrams, and general ideas about the functioning of different components of Meshery Docker Extension
  • Performance Management and Metrics Intro, how to run performance tests, interpret the results, and metrics from Grafana and Prometheus.
  • An introduction to service meshes, the concept of meshery adapters, provisioning of service meshes, sample applications and SMI conformance tests.
  • Meshery Configurations: Application, Patterns, Filters, Pattern configurator, ingestion of K8s YAMLs, Docker-Compose apps, helm charts.
  • Introduction to MeshMap, the visual topology for your cloud native infrastructure.
  • Hacktoberfest participation for newcomers in the community, how to get started, open issues and how to engage in the community.

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