Join Layer5 at 2022 as we share on our CNCF projects Meshery and Service Mesh Performance. Bring your questions. We have answers. Engage with us in our talks!

Talk: Measuring Service Mesh Performance 101

Benchmarking a service mesh and your workload’s performance is no simple task. Questions arise like:

  • Which load generator should you use and what signals should you measure?
  • How long should I run a test?
  • How has the performance of service meshes evolved over time?
  • Should I run tests from outside or within my cluster?
  • How does the configuration of my service mesh affect performance?

This talk answers these questions by empowering attendees with at-hand tooling for continual evaluation of their service mesh environment and a reflection of how service mesh deployment models affect performance.


  • Navendu Pottekkat

Talk: Journey Into the World of Service Meshes and Meshery

Engineers adopting microservice architectures are quickly faced with distributed systems challenges and in need of implementing rate limiting, circuit breaking, timeouts, retries, and implementing metrics, logging and tracing into each service is no simple task. Enter the service mesh.

Let’s talk about:

What is a service mesh? Why do you need one? What types of service meshes are available? How do they contrast?

Learn how Meshery, a CNCF Project, multi-service mesh management plane implements the service mesh specifications, Service Mesh Performance (SMP) and Service Mesh Interface (SMI), to empower users to manage more than 10 service meshes simultaneously.

Understand how Meshery uses a catalog of Service Mesh Patterns to provide templates for best practice configurations and how you can design new patterns with the visual topology designer, MeshMap

Benefits to the ecosystem:

Attendees will be empowered with the ability to quickly deploy different service meshes in which they may learn how service meshes function and how each differs from the next, so that they may select the best-fit-for-purpose service mesh for their workloads and their environment. It will be very helpful for experienced service mesh operators seeking to learn best practices through service mesh design patterns.


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