Join Layer5 in-person at Docker Developer Community Meetup - Bengaluru as we share on the Meshery Docker Extension and how you can manage your cloud native applications using it.

Composing Cloud Native Infrastructure with Docker Desktop and Meshery

The Meshery Docker Extension’s ability to import Docker Compose apps, convert them to Kubernetes applications, and deploy them on any visually and collaboratively is a powerful enabler for microservices developers, who need to develop, test, and deploy their modern applications in the context of and compatibility with any Kubernetes cluster. Along with this, the extension can help you to:

  • Get Kubernetes support for your Docker Compose apps: Import your Docker Compose apps. Configure and deploy them to Kubernetes and any infrastructure with a Kubernetes Operator.
  • Help you with single-click deployment of your infrastructure - Support of 250+ different cloud native infrastructure projects (including all the CNCF projects) at the fingertips of developers in connection with Docker Desktop’s ability to deliver Kubernetes locally.: Supports 10 different service meshes to the fingertips of developers in connection with Docker Desktop’s ability to deliver Kubernetes locally.
  • Detection of Kubernetes environments: Scan your kubeconfigs and select your current Kubernetes environment. Switch from one environment to another.

This talk can help the attendees to improve upon their K8s or Docker deployments as well as help them in managing different service meshes simultaneously. I have a pretty basic knowledge of cloud native stuff having worked with Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, and using some of the service meshes, trying them out for different stuff or applications. I have been using Docker Desktop for the past year and a half. I’m also a maintainer of Meshery and have contributed to several other open source projects.


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