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Welcome to another exciting edition of Feature Friday Bulletin, where we unveil the latest enhancements to Meshery, your go-to service mesh management tool. This week, we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Layer5 and Intel, bringing you a suite of service mesh management features tailored for WebAssembly-based network traffic management filters in Envoy, the sidecar proxy used in the data plane of Istio. These new features open up a world of possibilities for your service mesh architecture.

Seamless WASM Envoy Filter Management

With this collaboration, we're introducing powerful features that simplify the management of Envoy WASM filters via Meshery:

Meshery UI and CLI Integration

  • Import WASM Envoy Filters: Easily import your WebAssembly Envoy filters into Meshery using the intuitive UI or the command-line interface (CLI).
  • Publish and Clone Filters: Share your filters with the community by publishing them in the Meshery Catalog and make it effortless for others to clone them.
  • Download WASM Binaries: Access and download WebAssembly binaries directly from Layer5 Cloud.
  • Efficient Data Plane Design: Seamlessly design and deploy Istio and Envoy data planes using MeshMap.
  • Contribute to Open Source: Get involved with the service mesh community by contributing to any of the 7 open-source wasm-filters developed by Layer5.

Collaboration and Engagement

  • :star2: Support Your Favorites: Encourage collaboration by starring your favorite repository on GitHub.
  • :playground_slide: Hands-On Experience: Experience these features firsthand in the Meshery Playground by accessing version v0.6.109.

Envoy WASM Filter Management

We've revamped the management of Envoy WASM filters in Meshery with several enhancements:

Meshery Server Integration

  • ✅ New WASM Filter Component: A new component is available in the Design Configurator to simplify filter management.
  • ✅ Improved Component Icon: Enhancements have been made to provide a more user-friendly experience.
  • ✅ Relationship Patch Policy: A new policy has been introduced to streamline the relationship between components.

Meshery CLI Command Line

  • ✅ Import Filters: Use mesheryctl filter import [URL | filepath] to effortlessly import filters.
  • ✅ Delete Filters: Remove unwanted filters with mesheryctl filter delete [filter-name | ID].
  • ✅ View Filters: Gain insights into your filters using mesheryctl filter view [filter-name | ID].
  • ✅ List and Search Filters: Easily navigate filters with mesheryctl filter list [filter-name | ID].

MeshMap Integration

  • ✅ Apply WASM Filters: Hierarchically apply filters to your Envoy configurations.
  • ✅ Deploy/Undeploy Filters: Streamline the deployment and removal of filters with custom configurations.
  • ✅ Enhanced Visibility: View filters within a dedicated panel and seamlessly drop them onto the canvas.

Meshery UI Enhancements

  • ✅ Import Filters: Import filters directly via URL or filesystem.
  • ✅ Improved Browsing: Browse, search, and view filters in both grid view and table view.
  • ✅ Streamlined Lists: Easily list and search filters in grid view or table view.
  • ✅ Download Filters: Download filters effortlessly from the UI.

Layer5 Cloud and Catalog Integration

  • ✅ Permanent Storage and Artifact Dispersal: Ensure your filters are securely stored and widely accessible.
  • ✅ Catalog Features: Import, clone, download, publish, and unpublish filters within the Meshery Catalog.
  • ✅ Enhanced Privacy Controls: Manage user permissions, team ownership, and visibility for your filters.
  • ✅ Content Curation: Streamline content curation with an approval flow request queue.
  • ✅ On-Premises Deployment: Run Layer5 Cloud on-premises using Docker Compose or Helm Chart.

Performance Management Upgrades

In addition to Envoy WASM filter management, we've also introduced new performance management features:

Meshery Server

  • ✅ Performance Profiles: Tailor your performance profiles to match your specific needs.
  • ✅ SSL Certificate Support: Benefit from SSL certificate support for Fortio in the server.
  • ✅ Performance Analysis Comparison: Compare performance with and without filters.
  • ✅ GetNighthawk and Cloud Native Performance Releases: Access the latest releases of GetNighthawk and Cloud Native Performance.

Meshery CLI

  • ✅ Performance Profile Flags: Specify additional load generator flags with performance profiles.

Meshery UI

  • ✅ Performance Profile Flags: Customize load generator flags directly in the UI.

Cloud Native Performance Project

  • ✅ Define Performance Profiles: Clearly define your performance profiles.
  • ✅ Dashboard Integration: Display test results on the dashboard.
  • ✅ Intel Integration: Incorporate Intel design into scheduled workflows for Istio.
  • ✅ Consolidated Performance Profiles: Streamline performance profiles on the dashboard.

MeshMap Snapshot

  • ✅ GitHub Integrated Screenshots: Capture GitHub-integrated screenshots of deployments.

This collaboration between Layer5 and Intel marks a significant milestone in service mesh management. These enhancements empower you to take full advantage of WebAssembly-based network traffic management filters in Envoy, bringing a new level of flexibility and control to your Istio deployments.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of service mesh management with Meshery. We can't wait to see the incredible innovations these features will inspire in your projects. Don't forget to explore these new capabilities and let us know your thoughts!

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