Experience the power and ease of the Docker Meshery Extension. Download the extension from Docker Hub and start streamlining your multi-container application development and management today.

Streamline your Docker Compose workflow and gain powerful visualization and lifecycle management for your multi-container applications with the Docker Meshery Extension. This extension seamlessly integrates Meshery, a service management platform, with Docker, allowing you to effortlessly import, deploy, visualize, and manage your Docker Compose applications.

Effortless Import: Docker Compose as Meshery Design

Get started quickly by importing your existing Docker Compose applications directly into Meshery. The extension streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual configuration. Simply navigate to Meshery and leverage the intuitive UI to import your Compose file. Meshery intelligently parses the file, recognizing your application's components and dependencies.

Import your existing designs and existing infrastructure configurations into Meshery. The platform supports a variety of application definition formats, and you can import designs using either the Meshery CLI or the Meshery UI.

Supported Design Definition Formats

Meshery supports the following design definition formats:

Import Docker Compose Apps Using Meshery CLI

Step 1: Install Meshery CLI

Before you can use the Meshery CLI to import a Docker Compose app, you must first install it. You can install Meshery CLI by following the instructions.

Step 2: Import the Design Manifest

Once you have created your Design Definition file, you can use the Meshery CLI to import your Docker Compose app into Meshery. To do this, run the following command:

1mesheryctl pattern import -f [file/url] -s [source-type]

This command enable users to import their existing designs from sources as

  • Helm Charts
  • Kubernetes Manifests
  • Docker Compose

Example :

1mesheryctl pattern import -f docker-compose.yaml -s "Docker Compose"

Seamless Deployment to Kubernetes

With your application imported, take advantage of Meshery's robust deployment capabilities. Deploy your multi-container application to a Kubernetes cluster with a single click. Meshery handles the intricacies of the deployment process, ensuring your application runs smoothly within your Kubernetes environment.

Visualize Your Application with MeshMap

Gain valuable insights into your application's health and performance with MeshMap, Meshery's interactive service graph. MeshMap provides a clear visual representation of your application's architecture, allowing you to easily identify dependencies and potential bottlenecks.

Interactive Management with MeshMap

MeshMap empowers you to manage your application directly within the visualized service graph. The web-based interactive terminal integrated with MeshMap grants you the ability to execute commands on individual containers or services within your application. This eliminates the need to switch between different tools or terminals, streamlining troubleshooting and management tasks.

Seamless Integration with Docker: A Powerful Partnership

The Docker Meshery Extension fosters a powerful collaboration between Layer5 and Docker. Leveraging the familiarity and widespread adoption of Docker Compose, the extension empowers you to harness the advanced management and visualization capabilities of Meshery. This translates to a more efficient and streamlined workflow for managing your multi-container applications.

Get Started Today

Experience the power and ease of the Docker Meshery Extension. Download the extension from Docker Hub and start streamlining your multi-container application development and management today.


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