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MeshMap is the world's only visual and collaborative designer for Kubernetes and all cloud native infrastructure.

Lee Calcote and Nic Jackson gave a presentation entitled Extending the Docker Compose Experience to Service Mesh at DockerCon 2022.

The Meshery Docker Extension extends Docker Desktop's position as the cloud native developer's go-to Kubernetes environment with easy access to the next layer of cloud native infrastructure: service meshes.

Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers and enabling organizations. As the founder and CEO of Layer5, he is at the forefront of the cloud native movement. Nic Jackson is a developer advocate at HashiCorp, and the author of “Building Microservices in Go”, a book which examines the best patterns and practices for building microservices with the Go. Nic is also a coauthor of the Service Mesh Patterns book.

Nic Jackson has been using Docker Desktop from long time and tells how Docker Desktop provides feasibility to run Kubernetes for his local environment, while Lee Calcote recalls how Docker Desktop has become a staple of his daily routine while building an extension for Meshery.

Discussing Developers need to access Service Mesh

Developers need to access service mesh

Moving forward with the introduction to Docker Extension for Meshery, Nic says, "When it comes to Service Mesh, should developers care about Service Mesh? And the answer is Yes because developers need service mesh because of the changing reliability patterns implementation rapidly, it provides a tight feedback loop for developing and deploying workloads onto your service mesh and makes the over developer experience smooth. With the help of service, mesh developers should be able to create environments without needing to be operational experts."

Meshery Extension offers an easy single click button to go from Docker Compose to Kubernetes wih all cloud native infrastructure supported.

Docker Desktop Extension Meshery

The Docker Extension for Meshery provides:

  • Kubernetes support for your Docker Compose apps - Import your Docker Compose apps. Configure and deploy them to Kubernetes and integrate into your GitOps pipeline.
  • Collaborative designer for Docker Compose apps - Early access to the Docker Extension for Meshery that offers a visual topology for designing Docker Compose applications, operating Kubernetes, Kubernetes Operators, and their workloads.
  • Single-click deployment of any service mesh - Support of 10 different service meshes to the fingertips of developers in connection with Docker Desktop’s ability to deliver Kubernetes locally.

Docker Desktop Extension Meshery Dashboard

  • While giving the demo Meshery Lee explained how with Docker Desktop running and Meshery extension installed we can see that Meshery has discovered the installed service mesh automatically and it performs action with the adapter present.
  • Meshery is a Kubernetes multi-cluster manager capable of performing lifecycle management of all CNCF projects, like Flux, Argo, Prometheus, Envoy, Jaeger, and so on.
  • We can configure different service mesh based on their configurations and performs actions such as deploy, design, and explore all of the capabilities of service mesh via a rich schema with a live preview.

Lee Calcote introduces MeshMap

MeshMap DesignerMeshMap is the world's only visual designer for Kubernetes and all cloud native infrastructure. Collaborate with other engineers in real-time as you use MeshMap to design, deploy, and manage your Kubernetes-based deployments. Save time and use a design template. Take advantage of the best practices embedded in the patterns found in Meshery Catalog. MeshMap not only allows you to create and verify your cloud native application and infrastructure configurations, but to deploy and operate that infrastructure as well.
1Lee demonstrated MeshMap <strong>Designer</strong> design capabilities using Consul Service Mesh as an eample and configures various Consul-specific features. He designs a service mesh deployment with application and Envoy filter from scratch.

MeshMap DesignerMeshMap Visualizer Mode allows you to examines a visual topology of Kubernetes cluster and its services. View and search log streams from your pod's containers. Connect an interactive terminal to instances of your containers.

To Lee's demo, Nic also added in the context of developer experience that MeshMap also makes it easy to do the job and with Meshery extension it makes it super easy to write and configure code without being worried for the developer environment.

These Docker Extensions are so powerful that it allows you to do multiple tasks without leaving Docker Desktop.

Lee Calcote and Nic Jackson packed a great deal of information in this talk. Find the recording below. The Meshery Extension is now out! Try now, and Share your Experience Apply for MeshMap Beta Program

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