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Nikhil Ladha

I am a CS Enginner, currently working as an ASE at Red Hat. A Maintainer, MeshMate at Layer5. Also, like to explore and learn about front-end technologies and have gained some good expereince in it by contributing to OSS. Like to contribute to this open-source world and guide others to contribute and grow in their life in the best way possible.


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Nuturing a diverse, inclusive, and newcomer-friendly community like Layer5's is not easy. As a group of hardworking, committed mentors, MeshMates, tirelessly work to help make the Layer5 community the award-winning, open source community that it is. Each year, out of the group of MeshMates who continuously engage and support community members, a single individual is identified as the of MeshMate of the Year.

As the inaugral winner of last year's MeshMate of the Year award, I am honored to present the prestigious MeshMate of the Year badge to Aditya Chatterjee. Chosen by his peers and for his sheer dedication, Aditya Chatterjee is awarded this badge of honor for 2021. Congratulations mate, you have earned it!

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Aditya was one of the mentees who I guided through the community as the MeshMate, and seeing him grow into a MeshMate and in turn be awarded the MeshMate of the Year award gives me the ultimate level of satisfaction and happiness! His dedication and commitment are commendable and his efforts truly appreciated. In some corner of my mind, I already knew he would be achieving this feat, and finally, the time has come. Many congratulations, Aditya, for achieving this. I wish you more in the future :)

Nikhil Ladha

What is a Layer5 MeshMate?


MeshMateis a distinction that Layer5 awards select members of the community who innately align with our culture of helping others, paying it forward, and a commitment to knowledge sharing. MeshMates are Layer5 mentors and ambassadors (not employees).

A Layer5 MeshMate is individual who has consistently demonstrated their commitment to helping community members. The MeshMate program pairs experienced Layer5 community members with community newcomers to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Helping community members takes all forms from ensuring the member has access to resources, is introduced to others, understands the vision and goals of projects, can build and contribute to projects, can use projects and have their feedback heard.

I've known Aditya ever since he joined Layer5. He is an individual that I've watched grow both as a person and as a developer. He just takes things up willingly and gives his 100% no matter how simple or complex it is, which is something that I truly admire about him. It's not a surprise that he is chosen as the MeshMate of the year, considering the amount of impact he has made.

Nithish Karthik
MeshMates aid in identifying areas of projects and activities within the community to engage within, which working groups to join, and in help community members grow in their open source and cloud native knowledge.

There is a lot going in the Layer5 community. Projects and working groups move fast. By connecting one-on-one, MeshMates share tips on how to have the best community experience possible, but also build a relationship with the community member inevitably leaving a lasting mark as is evident from member comments about Aditya.

It's not easy being a MeshMate

With thousands of members in the Layer5 community, many come and go. Many take and many give. While we hope that each and every individual that joins will find a fit in the community and/or on a project, this isn't always the case.

Aditya and I joined Layer5 around the same time. In fact, he was the one who introduced me to the community and has helped me every step of the way since then. It's incredible to see how much you've grown in your time here. There isn't a single part of our projects that you haven't contributed to. Your dedication and effort are truly inspiring. Congratulations! You definitely deserve this honor and more!

Debopriya Bhattacharjee

Engaging with and investing in community members can be taxing on mentors in terms of both their time and their emotional investment in seeing the newcomer plant roots, grow, and blossom.

One of the goals MeshMates have is that of enabling the newcomer's passion and finding their sweetspot in the community and on a project, so that the newcomer ultimately achieves their goals - goals that are often similar, but different for each person. To help them acheive their goals, each individual is engaged 1:1 by their Meshmate, supporting them in becoming a landstanding Layer5 community member and contributor. MeshMates understand that many mentees start out with the best of intentions, but that not all overcome their hurdles in finding an area of the community to call home or aspect of a project to own.

Meshmate Aditya is helpful in every kind and the one who should be looked after for the ideal meshmate characteristics. He has promised Pizzas to each of his friends in Layer5 for this day that has come. Ideal.

Abhishek Kumar

Aditya is one of the coolest and smartest person in the community. I'm hoping we meet in person very soon.

Piyush Singariya

Even as a quiet observer, it is obvious to me that Aditya is diligent and persuasive, positive-minded, and always looking to improve.

Mrittika Ganguli

MeshMates are a massive force

With all that said, you must have already realized that it is not easy being a MeshMate. Only a few get this opportunity by showcasing their abilities and commitment to the community. Aditya has always hovered around the horizon of MeshMate since the moment he joined the community. In process of confirming Aditya as the winner of the MeshMate of the Year award, we looked to the community for validation. Little did I realize that meant reaching out to nearly a hundred people whom Aditya has mentored or supported in the Layer5 community. More than a few of them had something to say about their time with Aditya:

Meshmate Aditiya is a very hardworking and very talented individual. His efforts are highly inspirational to all the newcomers in the Layer5 community. He is always ready to help others in the community and always considers others' feedback and suggestions. Many congratulations Aditya for this, and wishing him more in the future :)

Abhijay Jain

Aditya graduates the LFX Meshery program.

Meshmate Aditya is a cool, hardworking, and entertaining person :) . Always ready to help others.

Axit Patel

Aditya was a great help when I was finding my feet in Layer5. He is always ready to help.

Oluwabamikemi Kayode

Aditya’s suggestions on PRs are always helpful. My first PR in the Layer5 project was able to merge because Aditya suggested a CSS trick to improve responsiveness.

Pranav Singh

I was the first meshtee to get help from Aditya. : ) on the same day he was nominated meshmate. He helped me set up my local dev environment and did so with timely communication.

Sekiranda Hamza

Aditya has been a great help to me since the beginning of my journey in Layer5. His suggestions are always helpful. I really like his willingness to help.

Uzair Shaikh

The great thing about Aditya is that he is always ready to help the community with great ideas and suggestions. It's a delight to work together.

Gaurav Chadha

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Meshmate of the Year

Aditya is a very talented and amazing individual to work with. He is always ready to help others.

Nikhil Sharma

Aditya has been helpful from the very beginning, I started to contribute to the Layer5 community. His suggestions and tips to solve any issue always worked and it certainly made me amazed at how quickly he would find a solution. I wish him all the best.

Aaditya Narayan Subedy

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Aditya is hardworking, consistent, and always ready to lend a helping hand with no problem.

Ashish Tiwari

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You made great contributions to the community. Your passion and efforts are extremely inspirational. Congratulations Mate! You truly deserve this. PS: Your Github streak speaks louder than my words can xD..

Chinmay Mehta

Aditya is a great guy, kind, and always ready to help others. He was the one who helped me in starting contributing to Layer5

Yash Kamboj
MeshMate of the Year 2021: Aditya Chatterjee

In recognition a year's worth of paying it forward, and for the award, Aditya Chatterjee's profile identifies him as the MeshMate of the Year award winner. Only two people carry this badge today. I can only guess as to who this ribbon may be awarded to in 2022. In the year and a half that Aditya has been in the community, he has touched the lives of many people, including mine.

MeshMate Aditya gives of his time willingly and freely, consistently exceeding my expectations with steadfast dedication to his role as a steward of the Layer5 community. More couldn’t be asked of any MeshMate.

Lee Calcote

The MeshMate badge is a point of pride for individuals participating in the program and looked upon with admiration and veneration by many within and external to the Layer5 community.

Wear your MeshMate of the Year badge proudly, Aditya.

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