The Contributhon Program is organized by She Code Africa, a non-profit organization focused on celebrating and empowering young Girls and Women in Technology across Africa. They provide support through diverse offline and online communities, resources, mentorship, and organize amazing programs and initiatives to always keep members or participants engaged.

The Contributhon Program is a virtual open-source Bootcamp focused on building more women open-source contributors & creating more diversity in the African open source ecosystem. During this Bootcamp, participants work with an open-source organization on a project for the period of 8 weeks with the help of organization mentors.

At the end of the Bootcamp, participants get rewarded a stipend of $500 upon successful project completion.

Layer5 is participating as a mentoring organization and will be working directly with the program participants during the Bootcamp to help ensure that the project is completed successfully.

At Layer5 we use Layer5 Community Forum for discussions in the community, this platform is active and it is easy to miss out on questions answered or important information. For this project, we want to create a leaderboard to show the most active participants based on helpful answers, questions asked, and more.

Our selected mentors, Ekene Leonard Nwobodo, Yash Kamboj, Etiene James, Raj Gaurav Maurya and Kunal Verma who are trusted, capable, and qualified will guide participants Oyindamola Dawodu and Ednah Akoth throughout the duration of this Bootcamp, help them become a part of the community, teach them how to stay motivated and productive, show them how to solve technical problems, and also give constructive feedback as they keep track of the participants progress

The She Code Africa hosts their Contributhon as an Africa-wide open source boot camp focused on building more women OSS contributors & creating more diversity in the African open source ecosystem by matching African women in technology with sponsors and mentors from Open Source organizations. During this boot camp, participants work with an open source organisation on a project for 4 weeks with the help of organisation mentors and get rewarded at the end of the boot camp upon successful project completion.

This program kicks off virtually from April 1, 2022, to May 28, 2022.


Shebuel Inyang

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