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Sudhanshu Dasgupta

As an undergraduate student of Computer Science, I possess a strong passion for web development, as well as extensive knowledge of cloud computing and networking. With a deep interest in open-source technology, I have contributed significantly to various projects, and have found Layer5 to be an exceptionally effective platform for learning. In addition to my development skills, I have a proven ability to build connections and network with others, which has been demonstrated in my role as a core team lead for a tech club. I have also gained valuable experience mentoring students, further honing my ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. Overall, I am a dedicated and driven individual who is committed to advancing my skills and knowledge in the field of computer science, while contributing to the wider community through open-source technology.


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Hello👋, I'm Sudhanshu Dasgupta, a driven individual from the quaint city of Katni in Madhya Pradesh, India. I have an unwavering passion for learning and exploring new horizons in the world of technology and very passionate for open-source. Currently, I am pursuing my studies at ITM Gwalior, with a focus on building a successful career in Computer Science and Engineering.

"When and How did it all Start?" ✈️

Let's uncover the Origin Story

It all began at the start of the year when I made a resolute decision to dive into the world of open-source. Eager to contribute and make a difference, I actively participated in various communities, seeking opportunities to learn and grow. Amidst my exploration for exciting projects to contribute to, I stumbled upon Layer5. The moment I delved into their endeavors, I was captivated by the diverse range of tech-stack-driven initiatives they were involved in. Without hesitation, I knew that this was the perfect place for me to start.

Venturing forth, I attended my very first Newcomers meet, a gateway to understanding the vibrant community and its wide array of projects. It was an enriching experience, immersing myself in the ethos of collaboration and knowledge sharing that defined the community's spirit. Taking a small yet significant step forward, I eagerly embraced a task assigned to me. I understood that even the tiniest actions can pave the way for monumental achievements. But my journey didn't halt there; fueled by my unwavering commitment, continuous skill development, and active engagement with the community, I witnessed remarkable progress. And then, within a mere two months, my dedication and contributions were acknowledged, leading to an incredible milestone—I was awarded an internship at Layer5.

My Experience of Internship with Layer5🚶

My internship at Layer5 was an extraordinary experience that allowed me to delve deep into the world of open-source and sharpen my skills in a real-world setting. Collaborating with talented professionals and working on cutting-edge projects enriched my understanding of various technologies and their practical applications.

During my internship, I actively participated in team discussions, contributed to codebase enhancements, and gained hands-on experience with industry-standard tools and methodologies. This internship not only expanded my technical expertise but also provided invaluable insights into the dynamics of a professional work environment and including I was able to improve my communication skills as well. Overall, my internship at Layer5 was a transformative journey filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable experiences. I look forward to leveraging the skills and knowledge gained during this internship to make a positive impact in the world of technology.

Message to other contributors📖

I remeber myself when I joined the community that I was not aware of many things going in the community but I didn't got off from track, I did take 2 weeks to solve a graphql issue but I completed it. Many things are there that you may not know during joining the community but you learn along the journey and there is no fear in that. The thing is you can't set back and leave if you are unable to crack something. Learn and come back strong. This is community , this is Layer5.

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