Solving the Service Mesh Adopter’s Dilemma - Open Source 101 at Home 2020</strong>

Which service mesh should I use and how do I get started? What are the different service meshes, and how do their architectures contrast?

This talk introduces Meshery, an open source, multi-service mesh management plane that provisions (six and counting) different service meshes, their sample applications and benchmarks the performance of service mesh deployments. Meshery facilitates benchmarking various configuration scenarios of service meshes, comparison of performance of services (applications) on and off the mesh and across different meshes. It vets mesh and services configuration against deployment best practices.

Attendees will be empowered with the ability to quickly deploy different service meshes in which they may learn how service meshes function and how each differs from the next, so that they may select the best-fit-for-purpose service mesh for their workloads and their environment.