Adhering to service mesh standards

Run SMI Conformance
Design Specifications

Why does conformance matter?

In order to confidently operate a service mesh without locking into the specific service mesh's APIs, you will adopt SMI. How do you know if the service mesh you are using is SMI compatible, though?

The scope of this initiative includes all service mesh projects participating in the Service Mesh Interface specification. It’s important to acknowledge that conformance consists of both capabilities and compliance status.



How conformance is verfied

Conformance to SMI specifications will be done through use of a service mesh’s workload. A sample application is used as the workload to test. To facilitate a common set of tests, a sample application has been developed for purposes of providing a consistent workload to apply SMI specs against. A deployment of the Learn Layer5 sample application being fitted to each service mesh.

Learn more about how Meshery validates Istio, Linkerd, Consul, Maesh, and Kuma’s conformance to SMI.