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What is Nighthawk?

Nighthawk is a Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2) performance characterization tool.
Nighthawk is Envoy’s load generator and is written in C++.


Nighthawk and

Meshery integrates Nighthawk as one of (currently) three choices of load generator for characterizing and managing the performance of service meshes and their workloads.


Easing Management of
the Nighthawk

As with a lot of open source projects, there is a lack of consistent tooling. This makes it difficult to have easily repeatable tests in that the building, deploying, and maintaining of Nighthawk instances (potentially a fleet of Nighthawk instances) is a burden without additional tooling.

Why GetNighthawk?

Nighthawk is growing in popularity, but the core project only builds to one architecture / one Docker image. Recently, Nighthawk is being improved so that it can be horizontally scalable - such that multiple instances will be cognizant of one another and able to coordinate amongst each other. Nighthawk is a subproject of Envoy. Nighthawk is growing in popularity with Layer5, Google, Red Hat, and AWS are investing into it.

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Enabling Standards-based, Distributed Performance Management - GetNighthawk integrates Meshery and Nighthawk. Through this integration Meshery facilitates Service Mesh Performance (SMP) compatibility for Nighthawk.

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Nighthawk Distribution

Stable builds available for:

  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Unbuntu
  • macOS
  • Docker
In these package managers:
  • Homebrew
  • Scoop

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GetNighthawk integrates with Meshery and provides you with the ability to schedule performance tests or insert them into your CI pipeline.

Adapative analysis in which you may run multi-stage performance tests and persist their results in a historical archive is also enabled through integration with Meshery.

Standards-based, distributed performance management

GetNighthawk will provide generally-available distributions of Nighthawk under different architectures and platforms and easy-to-use tooling for installation and operation. This will include creating distributions of Nighthawk as well as augmenting existing tooling, Meshery, to retrieve these arch-specific packages and update their deployments.


Further the state of distributed
performance management.

Enable standards-based, distributed performance management through compatibility with the Service Mesh Performance (SMP) specification.

Facilitate Nighthawk adoption.

Deliver trusted, certified builds, distributed via the most popular package managers: apt, yum, Homebrew, and platforms: Docker and Meshery. Bridge Nighthawk’s C++ with the lingua franca of Cloud Native: Golang.

Deliver easy-to-use, repeatable

To leverage Nighthawk as the performance characterization tool as used in the 30 patterns in the Service Mesh Patterns book.

Educate the ecosystem

Educate the ecosystem through the CNCF Service Mesh Working Group.
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Participate in the state of the art.
Join us in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's Service Mesh Working Group.

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Representing the largest collection of service meshes and their maintainers in the world, Layer5 is the service mesh company. Creator and maintainer of service mesh standards. Maker of Meshery, the service mesh management plane.