Performance Benchmark

What overhead does being on the service mesh incur?

Benchmark the performance of your application across different service meshes and compare their overhead.


Which service mesh should I use and how do I get started?

Learn about the functionality of different service meshes and visually manipulate mesh configuration.

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Benchmark, Configure, and Adopt

- Compare apples-to-apples performance across service meshes.
- Track your service mesh performance from release to release.
- Understand behavioral differences between service meshes.
- Track your application performance from version to version.

Meshery is comprised of the following components:

Meshery provides:

Meshery screenshot

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  • the user interface to authenticate users.
  • accepts and maintains the Kubernetes cluster config and context.
  • enables users to generate load against their applications.
  • collects the results of the performance tests from its load generator (Fortio) and stores in the cloud for historical viewing.
  • interfaces with the Meshery adapters dynamically and enables users to play with service mesh.
Meshery Adapters:

Meshery adapters provision, configure, and manage their respective service meshes.

  1. Meshery adapter for Istio (alpha)
  2. Meshery adapter for Linkerd (alpha)
  3. Meshery adapter for Octarine (pre-alpha)
  4. Meshery adapter for Consul Connect (pre-alpha)

See Meshery at:

Run Meshery

Step 1: Install and start

Using Docker, install Meshery on your local machine by running the following:

 $ sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/meshery
 $ sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/meshery
 $ meshery start

Using Kubernetes, install Meshery on your cluster by cloning the Meshery repo:

 $ git clone; cd meshery        

Install Meshery on your cluster by running the following:

  $ kubectl create ns meshery
  $ kubectl -n meshery apply -f deployment_yamls/k8s

If you want to use a different namespace, please change the name of the namespace in the ClusterRoleBinding section appropriately.

Step 2: Login

Access Meshery in your browser at http://localhost:9081.


Fork me on GitHub This project is community-built and welcomes collaboration!

Benchmark Specification

The Benchmark Specification is a common format for describing and capturing performance benchmark tests and results. This specification is currently being advanced through discussion in the Meshery project.


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