Whether you are a first time contributor or an open source veteran,you are welcome to contribute to and actively engage in the development of projects at Layer5. Here are some instructions to get you started and if you haven’t joined yet, join the Slack workspace to collaborate with the community. Also, you can check the quick-links below for jumping straight into things.

How to Contribute?

These steps outline the process by which you can openly engage, learn, and participate in the broad set of open source projects at Layer5. If at any time you get stuck, please seek help in the #newcomers channel in the Layer5 Slack. Our MeshMates and community members are here to help!

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Finding an Issue to Work On

  1. Browse the list of Layer5 org issues bearing the “good first issue” label, “first timers only” or the “help wanted” label.
  2. Alternatively, find an area of interest by reviewing/browsing the Layer5 Repository Overview document.
  3. After identifying the issue you wish to work on, check whether it has been assigned or not by taking a look at the assignee section on the issue. If it hasn't been, signal your interest by commenting on the issue so that it can be assigned to you.

Working on Your Issue

  1. Once an issue has been assigned to you, it’s time to get started! Make sure you take a look at the Contributing Guidelines.
  2. Be sure to sign-off on your commits.
  3. Contributions of all sizes are welcome.
  4. If you need some additional help, please join Layer5 Slack workspace at http://slack.layer5.io and find your way to the #newcomers channel. Feel free to ask questions.
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Community Image

While Your Issue is under Review

Be patient. There are a large number of contributors and only a small number of maintainers/reviewers. All contributors are equally important to us, and we'll be sure to get to you as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you are welcome to join our Slack workspace and take a look at all our projects.


Checkout some of the resources to get going
An Introduction to Contributing to Meshery


Vijay Cherukuri
An Introduction to mesheryctl


Nupur Thakur
A tutorial on contributing to Layer5 and working with Git


Ruth Ikegah
An introduction to all Layer5 repositories


Lee Calcote
A tutorial on Gatsby


Jash PatelTanuj Agarwal
Functional Testing with Cypress in Meshery UI


Rodolfo Martinez Vega
Beginner's guide to contributing to Meshery and mesheryctl


Navendu Pottekkat
Contributing to Meshery API Swagger Documentation


Piyush Singariya
Working with Meshery Docs and Jekyll


Aadhitya Amarendiran

Join the community!

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