Solving the Service Mesh Adopter’s Dilemma

Which service mesh should I use and how do I get started? What are the different service meshes, and how do they contrast? Learn about the functionality of different service meshes and visually manipulate mesh configuration.

This talk introduces Meshery, an open source, multi-service mesh management plane that provisions (ten and counting) different service meshes, their sample applications and how it benchmarks the performance of service mesh deployments. Meshery facilitates benchmarking various configuration scenarios of any service mesh, comparison of performance of services (applications) on and off the mesh and across different meshes. It vets mesh and service configurations against deployment best practices. Some of the service mesh projects use Meshery as their performance benchmark tool for each release.


CNCF TAG Network and Service Mesh Working Group

With the increasing prevalence of microservice-based distributed systems, this is true: the network, as a discipline, has never been so critical in the efficient operation of cloud-native deployments. Network primitives including load balancing, observability, authentication, authorization, policies, rate limiting, QoS, mesh networks, traditional infrastructure bridging, and so on are now being developed and invested by the entire industry, and are the focus of the Service Mesh Working Group withing the CNCF TAG Network.

Listen to our introduction and get an in-depth understanding of the service mesh projects being managed within the working group.

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Layer5, the service mesh company

Representing the largest collection of service meshes and their maintainers in the world, Layer5 is the service mesh company. Creator and maintainer of service mesh standards. Maker of Meshery, the service mesh management plane.