Traefik Mesh

Traefik Mesh with Meshery

The easiest way to get a production-grade Kubernetes cluster up and running


  • Visual configuration an simplier understanding of your Open Service Mesh deployments and microservices
  • Unlock all features using the Meshery Adapter for Traefik Mesh.
  • Conformance to Service Mesh Interface specifications.


Deploy the Meshery Adapter for Traefik Mesh and enable fine-grained lifecycle and configuration management over your Traefik Mesh-enabled Kubernetes clusters. Using Traefik's golang-based plugins? Great. Ask about how Meshery manages WebAssembly-based plugins for service meshes with Envoy-based data planes. Design, test, and manage configuration of all your cloud infrastructure and containerized applications as a visual topology. Choose from hundreds of ready-made design patterns by importing templates from Meshery Catalog or use our low code designer, MeshMap, create and deploy your own cloud native infrastructure designs.

Improve Security

1By improving monitoring, logging, and visibility, as well as implementing access controls. Allows administrators to increase the security of their clusters easily and quickly.

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How it Works

See It in Action

Better together - Traefik Mesh with Meshery

The Performance Yardstick

Assess the value of your service mesh in context of its cost. Benchmark and manage the performance of your application across different service meshes. Compare and manage service mesh overhead.

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