Epam Delivery Platform (EDP) Admin Console

Epam Delivery Platform (EDP) Admin Console with Meshery

Collaborative and visual infrastructure as code for Epam Delivery Platform (EDP) Admin Console


  • Deployed and configured CI/CD toolset (Jenkins, Gerrit, Nexus, SonarQube)
  • Kubernetes native approach (CRD, CR) to declare CI/CD pipelines
  • Gerrit, GitLab or GitHub as a version control system for your code


A Helm chart for EDP Admin Console Operator

Collaboratively and visually diagram your cloud native infrastructure with GitOps-style pipeline integration. Design, test, and manage configuration your Kubernetes-based, containerized applications as a visual topology.

Looking for best practice cloud native design and deployment best practices? Choose from thousands of pre-built components in MeshMap. Choose from hundreds of ready-made design patterns by importing templates from Meshery Catalog or use our low code designer, MeshMap, to create and deploy your own cloud native infrastructure designs.

How it Works

See It in Action

Better together - Epam Delivery Platform (EDP) Admin Console with Meshery

Collaborative Infrastructure as Code

Collaboratively manage infrastructure with your coworkers synchronously sharing the same designs.

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