Book: Service Meshes Patterns and Best Practices

By Lee Calcote

Patterns and best practices for getting most out of Istio, Linkerd, Consul, App Mesh or any service mesh, including those using Envoy and use of WebAssembly. Anticipated Winter 2020.

About the Service Mesh Patterns book

A service mesh is a layer in your infrastructure that facilitates communication between services… and so much more. Its value is enormous, and the value you derive from one is very much related to what role you play in the design, implementation, and operations of your cloud native applications and infrastructure.

This book is being written for

Identifying who this book is for has been one of the hardest challenges in writing it. The power of a service mesh is vast, and therefore, empowers individuals of many different roles. In short, this book is for anyone delivering workloads enabled by a service mesh and who wants to ensure their use of a service mesh provides the most possible value to the workloads and teams that rely on it.

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